Low Energy
Rounds and Globes
Decorative Bulbs
Low Voltage Halogen
Mains Voltage Halogen
Light Bulbs
Striplight, Pygmy's, Night Lights and Oven Lamps
Ceramic Metal Halide PGJ5
Ceramic Metal Halide GU6.5
Ceramic Metal Halide G8.5
Ceramic Metal Halide G12
Ceramic Metal Halide G22
Ceramic Metal Halide Double Ended
Ceramic Metal Halide Par20
Ceramic Metal Halide Par30
Ceramic Metal Halide 111mm
Ceramic Metal Halide Tubular
Ceramic Elliptical Metal Halide
Cosmo White Ceramic Metal Halide PGZ12
Philips Cosmo White Ceramic Metal Halide E27/E40
Ceramic Metal Halide PGZ18
Ceramic Metal Halide PGZX18
Philips Master CDM-TP
Ceramic Metal Halide GX10
BriteSpot 50 GX10
Single Ended Quartz Metal Halide
Double Ended Quartz Metal Halide
Tubular Metal Halide
Elliptical Metal Halide
Sports Lighting Metal Halide
Iwasaki Colour Arc PAR36
Iwasaki Colour Arc PAR38
BriteSpot 111 GX10
Sodium (Son)
Self Balasted MLL
MBF/U Deluxe (Comfort)
SOX Low Pressure Sodium
Philips QL Induction
Coloured Metal Halide
BLV Fibreoptic
Fluorescent Tubes
Compact Fluorescent
Ultra Violet
Airfield Runway Lamps
HBO Lamps


Standard elliptical MBF/U lamps, these operate on a simple magnetic ballast. The other type is a blended lamp, blended lamps work directly off mains voltage and do not require any control gear. 

We are able to offer highly efficient metal halide replacements for these lamp types. The metal halide versions give out much more light and have a much better colour accurracy. Please call our sales office for advice.
  • Simple operation
  • Poor colour rendering
  • Inefficient
  • Reliable.

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