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Osram LEDvance XL
Osram LEDvance XL   Dali Dimmable
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Osram LEDvance Downlight

LEDVANCE Downlights.
Excellent efficiency and long life span.
Osram LEDvance DownlightOsram LEDvance Downlight
The LEDVANCE Downlights series of recessed LED luminaires with up to 70 lm/W optimally fulfill these requirements. Thanks to their high efficiency, low energy consumption, extremely long life span and excellent photometric properties, they are ideally suited for sophisticated and economical general lighting solutions.
The LEDVANCE Downlights product line caters to these requirements with a range of sizes and wattages, so that lighting can be flexibly adapted to the size, the architecture and the interior design of the room.

Average lifetime: 50,000 hours

Osram LEDvance M
Osram LEDvance M
Osram LEDvance M Dimmable
Osram LEDvance M Dimmable
Osram LEDvance L
Osram LEDvance L
Osram LEDvance XL
Osram LEDvance XL
Osram LEDvance XL    Dali Dimmable
Osram LEDvance XL   Dali Dimmable
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