Compact Fluorescent Ban from February 2022 updates 2024

Compact Fluorescent Ban from February 2022 updates 2024

10th Dec 2022

Sad news for some. - Updated

 As of February The government has given an extra twelve months and so from February 2024 it will not be legal to import nor manufacture compact fluorescent lamps from this date forwards only existing stocks in the UK can be sold. We expect stock to be in the system for some time but some types will run out very quickly. Luckily for many fittings there are suitable LED LED replacements but for some there will be no option it will require a fitting change.

We are here to help, if you need a replacement fitting ask, it is impossible to display al the possible fittings at our disposal.

Interestingly these lamps are not being banned for poor energy performance, these are being banned to remove mercury from the environment.

please be aware that as the lamps are banned in the EU from 2023 it is unlikely that any more lamps will be made by any of the major nmanufacturers so stocks are expected =to run out before the deadline.