Gold Bare Infra-red with tabs

At CP Lighting we stock a large range of Gold Infra-Red TAB Lamps in a variety of colours, caps, voltage and wattage. If you cannot see the type you looking for, please call us directly.

Instant heat
All types available from stock

about Gold Infra-Red Lamps with straps

Most of these lamps are available in both clear and Gold finishes and the lamps are interchangable. The gold lamps tend to give off a pinkish light, whereas the clear lamps produce a clear strong white light. If you want to reduce glare these lamps will do the job.

Lamps with straps are typically old lamps and so these are a re-working of an old lamp type and applying modern technology. The original lamps would have been clear and oif used in an industrial process the glare is probably not an issue. If however glare is an issue then these lamps fix a problem for which there was no solution when the fittings were designed.