Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet lamps (UV) fall broadly into five main categories. Blacklight Blue these look black/purple when switched off, these are used in dark areas to make sensitive things glow such as bank notes, theatres etc. Then there are Blacklight lamps, these are white and used in insect traps and some ink/glue curing processes. Germicidal, these are highly dangerous and are used for disinfection of pond clarifiers. Lastly there are sun tanning and medical and printing lamps.

  • Should be treated with caution, make sure you buy the correct lamp.
  • Always check you have received the correct product before use.
  • Should be replaced annually

information about Ultra-Violet lamps

There are a lot of different types of ultra-violet tubes and some are dangerous if not used correctly so it is important to make sure you replace like with like. You do not have to buy the same brands but it is essential that you buy the same wave length. if you are in any doubt call us before purchase and our experts will help.

No! With UV tubes there are two things that affect the strength of the tube (think brightness , but you can't see UV) firstly it is the phosphors used and secondly it is the material used for the glass or quartz. 

If you change brands of UV tubes you will usually find that the exposure time will change just as it does when you replace old lamps with new lamps. Needless to say that the more expensive lamps usually have the better output but this is not always the case. this might not be important in some cases like pond clarifiers where you don't need the best of the best, but if you are using UV for steralization then it is very impoortant to stick to top brands.