How do Smart Home Products work?

Smart products are those that can be controlled by an app such such as Google Assistant or Alexa in addittion the manufacturer will usually have their own app for initial set-up purposes.


WiFi or Bluetooth? We have taken the decision to support WiFi controlled products these are the most compattible items and have the best range. WiFi is the technology that will be best in most situations.


"Alexa turn on the lights" is a typical command but the power of the apps goes way beyond that:- 


With smart products you can typically set pre-determind routines automatically switching on lights or other appliances via smart plugs. You can set scenes for different activities like watching TV or dining etc etc. Some smart lamps can change colour (RGB) others change shade say from warmwhite to daylight and others can be dimmed and some can perform all these functions.


Will I need a Hub? Hopfully not, please read the data sheets attached to each product to check for compattibility and suitability to your installation. If in any doubt call our sales department we have traind staff available to help.


Are thery easy to install and set-up? Yes, typically you will download the manufacturers app and switch on the product. the app shoudl just detect the product and allow you to add it to a group like "Kitchen" or "Lounge" for example. You can usually add multiple products to a group so that they can all be controlled together.