LED Modules

LED Modules are profession LED solutions for high end installations.

These lamps are available in very high outputs and a range of high colour rendering colours. In addition there are a number of beam angles.

These modules are work with constant current LED drivers and so you can choose simple non dimming drivers, phase cutting drivers, 1-10V drivers or DALI.The beauty of this system is it guarantees perfect dimming every time.

Note there is a range of 240V non-dimming AR111 modules.

Information about LED Modules.

Led Modules are availabe to replace AR111, MR16/50mm GU10 lamps and MR11 lamps. The modules all operate on constant current LED drivers which means that they can be dimmed with 1-10V or DALI dimmming systems. These are a professional choice as these modules produce considerablly more light than traditional halogen lamps. The professional dimming systems mean that huge numbers of lamps can be dimmed on a single circuit making them ideal for resturants and hotels and conference centres or anywhere where there is a high ceiling or a requirement for very night lumens. The AR111 lamps are idea as replacement for the old Sylvania Brite Spot 111 lamps. 

LED modules require constant current led drivers* and do not operate on transformers so you cannot simply replace the lamps.


* The AR111 range includes some 240V modules whioch do not dim. These are an easy replacemt for halogen lamps but have a low output compared withge coinmstant current counterparts.