This category has all the replacements for the following halogen types. MR8, MR11 and MR16. 35mm, 50mm, 63mm and 111mm GU10. Stanmdard reflectors such as R39, R50, R63, R80, R90 and R125. Then we have PAR16, PAR20, PAR25, PAR38 and PAR56. Wa also have AR111 (Par36) 

Information about LED reflectors

LED reflectors cover a wide range of products and all are directional lamps. The main difference between traditional lamps and LED versions is that LED lamps have better beam control so there is very little light outside the stated beam angle. Tghis is both good and bad if you want accent lighting then tight beam control is excactly what you want. if on the otherhand you are downlighting then you are advised to buy wide beams lamps so that you do not get circles on the floor or walls.

Led reflector lamps have been around for a number of years and as LEDs have improved the lamps have become more powerful and use less energy. Not only that but many are now available in super high colour-rendering which is above 90% colour accurate. There are now options for dim-to-warm lamps and these change colour as they are dimmed replicating the action of traditional halogen lamps, thus providing an ambient look.

There are a new breed of ultra-high efficency reflector lamps which are just making an appearence taking the energy consumption to new lows. These ultr-erricent lamps will becomew the norm within a couple of years.

More than any other lamp type reflector lamps are often used in conjuction with dimmers. This is where LEDs differ from traditional lamps. Traditional lamps are easy to dim but LED lamps are more of a challange, they may wortk with existing dimmers but if there is any sign of shimmering or flickering then you must replace your dimmer with an LED Dimmer.  This only really applies to 12V and 240V lamps it does not apply to constant current modules. Modules are a diumming dreal as they work rerally well in both 1-10V and DALI dimming systems.