Germicidal Lamps

Ultra Violet Germicidal lamps are easily identified, these are clear to look at when switched off.

These lamps emit UVC and are highly dangerous and must only be used in specialist fittings designed to prevent the leak of the UV light.

  • Should be treated with caution, make sure you buy the correct lamp.
  • Always check you have recieved the correct product before use.
  • Should be replaced annually

All about Germicidal Lamps

Germicidal lamps are used for steralisation and exposure to this wavelength 253.7nm kills most living bacteria and viruses as it breaks down  DNA. These lamps are extreemly dangerous and must be used in a shielded enclosure so that light cannot escape and fall on to either skin or eyes.

These lamps are used for water purification, pond clarifiers (It will kill the algae), surface and air sterialisation. One partivcular use is to expose fresh produce prior to packaging to kill mould spores and prolong their life particulally in soft fruit.