LED Compact Retrofit

Fluorescent compact fluorescent lamps ;like the Philips PL-C, PL-S, PL-L and PL-T and the Osram Dulux S, L,  T and F re all being phased out and so here we have a range of replacements.

Please note that some will work as direct replacement for your existing lamps and will plug straight in. Others will require the removal of the control gear which should be carried out by a qualified electrician. if you are in any doubt about which kind you need please feel free to call our experienced sales staff for guidance.

Information about LED compact fluorescent replacements

The first thing you need to establish is if your lamps are 2 or 4 pin. There are few replacemets for two pin lamp and oit may be necessary to replace the fittings. It is necessary to know if you have a switch start balast or a high frequency balast. Once you know you will find that we have a good selection of replacements. 

Beware that LED replacement lamps are usually designed for the lamps to be mounted horizontally as the light comes out from one side only. If the lamps "hang down" then they are probaby not suitable. There are a limited number of lamps designed for vertical use  and it is possible that the more will be developed in the future.