Infra-Red lamps are available in lots of different styles. If you cannot see what it is you are seeking please contact our sales team and we will be able to help.

Questions about Infra-red Lamps

There will never be LED infra-red lamps. The infra-red spectrum is not a visible light spectrum and it is not possible to make that wavelength by LED. 

Infra-red lamps are a versatile source of heat and have many applications. The most popular applications are in catering and are use to keep food warm. They are also used in "space" heating and patio heaters. If you are looking for lights for these applications and cannot see them easiuly on the site just phone us.

Infra-red lamps are also use for animal care and we do a full range of these, bulk discounts are avail;able to pig farmers and chicken breaders.

There are also health care applications for infra-red lamps and we offer a full range.