Gold Bare Infra-red with leads

At CP Lighting we stock a large range of Gold Infra-Red Leads in a variety of colours, caps, voltage and wattage. If you cannot see the type you looking for, please call us directly.

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Information about Gold Infra-red Lamps with leads

High power Quartz infra-red lamps woudl be very bright if there were clear similar to floodlights, in otherwords very bright. To reduce this glare there are two main choices a red coating or a gold coating.  the gold coating allows the infra-red to pass through whilst removing a substantial percentage of the visable light.

These lamps are used exclusivly for space heating  areas where it is impossible to raise the convected heat such as outside or in big building like a church. So these are typically used in "patio heaters", outside pubs and resturants and in churches, the list is endless.

Most of these lamps are available in both Ruby and Gold finishes and the lamps are interchangable. The gold lamps tend to give off a pinkish light, whereas the ruby lamps produce a strong red colour. This may impact photographs in for example a church wedding. So in areas likley to feature in photography we reccomend the use of gold lamps.