Light Fittings

General Information about Light Fittings

We sell both domestic and professional fittings. We sell fittings with built in LED's which make the fittings disposable, we also have a number of fittings that accept replacable LED's which has the benifit of making any changes easy. If an area is re-furbished it is easier to change the colour of the led than to replace all the fittings.

If you are buying a number of fittings we always reccomend that some spares are purchased at the same time. This is because products are constantly being improved and it is unlikely that even twelve months after purchase you will be able to match up the fittings. They may be the same specification but they will have the next generation of LED's use less power, be a slightly different colour and brightness. Whilst LED's are very reliable if just one fitting develops a fault it can be a difficult to match up so a spare or some spare are a good idea.

This is mainly concerned with downlights. There are strict fire safety rules with regards to domestic recessed downlights. In a domestic setting you are usually required to fit fire-rated fitting (but not always). Commercial users are not subject to these regulations.

Domestic dimming is usually achieved using "Phase-cutting' dimmers and to dim the fittings you would fit a dimmer switch in place of the traditional on/off switch. This is the hardest form of dimming to make work sucessfully with LED's. Professional installations and prestige houses will use either DALI or 1-10V dimming, these require additional wireing and are very difficult to install after the construction of a building. The reason 1-10V and DALI is used is because huge numbers of fittings can be controlled on a single circuit and in addittion there are no issues with incompatibilities between dimmers, transformer and lamps.

LED fixture's are a huge improvement on traditional lighting because of the huge reduction in energy which in some cases can save over 90% but it does depend upon what you are replacing. If you are replacing fluorescent tubes or discharge lighting the savings are lower as these light sources we highly efficent.

The very ling life of led light sources mean a big reduction in maintainance, howerver it is important to remember that when re-lamping traditional fittings a clean would occure. Depending upon the design of the fitting a cleaning programme shoudl be considered, dust will reduce the light output considerably if it is allowed to settle on reflective surfaces or the light sources.